New Decking, New Depths … NEW DAY

In preparation for our 25th anniversary year, we at Pier 5 Marina spent last fall and winter focused on a series of upgrades to prepare your premier boating experience in Center City Philadelphia.

We spent months dredging to assure consistent depths across the basin, allowing bigger boat
Pier 5 at 25ds to enjoy our protected harbor. And we replaced the decking on our inner breakwater where boaters gather to enjoy regular fireworks on the river. We also replaced all north-dock decking. Just two years earlier, we replaced the 130-foot-long breakwater that provides shelter from the river, completing our basin’s protection from weather events from north, south and west.

Boaters come to enjoy city convenience, combined with protection from city noise; river convenience combined with protection from river wakes. It’s truly the best of all worlds.

At this our 25th Anniversary, we’re prepared to offer you a truly grand boating experience in Philadelphia. Whether for a day, a weekend, a season or a lifetime, it’s a new day at Pier 5 Marina.

We look forward to welcoming you to the premier yacht basin in Center City Philadelphia. A true oasis in an increasingly great city.